Perfect Viewing Angle

Wall Mount Your TV With Perfect Viewing Angle

Viewing angle is the maximum angle at which you view your TV display, such that you won’t experience brightness loss or clarity loss of the picture. Sometimes, the expensive unit may have an excellent picture quality, but may face problems in the viewing angle category. If the viewing angle of your wall mounted TV is not set in the recommended way, then you may notice a washed out or garbled appearance of the picture caused by the problems of colour desaturation, variation in screen contrast and poor brightness. Therefore, the ideal solution for viewing angle issue is by placing a full-motion TV wall mount. The TV can be tilted, swiveled and extended in every direction, so that you can watch the TV program from your favorite chair or bed with an optimal viewing angle. The glare caused by windows, lights and other unwanted reflections can also be reduced by tilting the TV in a favorable manner.

Viewing Angle of 3D TV

For the best realistic 3D experience, the viewpoint and viewing angle should match well. So, the TV has to be wall mounted according to your seating arrangement. The best viewing angle for a 3-D TV is zero degrees. However, the viewing angle should be minimized, such that the horizontal viewing angle should be less than 300 and the vertical viewing angle should be less than 150.

Viewing angle of LCD TV

The expensive LCD screens get a high rating for picture quality, but it lags behind for viewing angle, because of the backlighting through the panels. So, the viewing angle should be adjusted below 150-200. If the viewing angle is extended more than 300 the colour degradation may increase exponentially and the contrast loss increases drastically above 450.

Viewing angle of LED TV

Viewing angle of LED is the angle at which the LED’s brightness is halved. Even though the backlit technology of LED TV creates less viewing angle issues, the picture quality of the LED TV can be viewed with optimal brightness if the viewing angle is below 350. The picture quality can be satisfactory if the viewing angle is extended up to 500. The brightness and contrast are reduced drastically at an angle above 650.

Viewing angle of Plasma

The Plasma TV has a much better and wider viewing angle compared to other TVs because of the uniform distribution of the light from the screen. But the TV should be wall mounted in the correct way to prevent the problems created by window or light glare.

Therefore, contact us to solve the problems of viewing angle and brightness loss by wall mounting the TV in a safe full-motion wall mount by Installexpress.

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