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Zoom Rooms combined with Logitech


Video conferencing is becoming a popular choice for speed and agility within the business world. The concept of video conferencing is nothing new. However, the technology has evolved in such a way that businesses can now hold virtual meetings in high definition, with crystal clear audio, from anywhere in the world.

As remote work and virtual meetings continue to rise in popularity, the need for reliable video conferencing systems and equipment has become essential for businesses and organizations. Choosing the right video conferencing solution can greatly impact the success of your virtual meetings and collaborations. In this article, we will discuss some of the best video conference systems, equipment rental options, and the best webcams for conference rooms.

First, let’s start with the best video conference systems. Zoom is one of the most popular video conferencing solutions on the market today. It offers a user-friendly interface, HD video and audio, and the ability to hold meetings with up to 1,000 participants. Microsoft Teams is another excellent video conferencing software that offers a variety of features, including screen sharing, virtual backgrounds, and real-time captions.

For organizations that require high-quality video teleconference equipment, there are many rental options available. Some of the most popular video teleconference equipment rental companies include Meeting Tomorrow, Encore Event Technologies, and AV Concepts. These companies offer a wide range of equipment options, including cameras, microphones, speakers, and more.

When it comes to selecting the best webcam for conference rooms, Logitech is a top choice. The Logitech Brio Ultra HD webcam offers 4K resolution and HDR support, making it an excellent option for virtual meetings and presentations. The Logitech Rally system is also a popular choice for conference rooms, offering high-quality video and audio with up to 10x zoom.

In addition to video conferencing software and equipment, there are many other factors to consider when selecting a video conferencing solution. One important consideration is screen sharing capabilities. Many video conferencing software solutions offer screen sharing, which allows participants to share their screens with others in the meeting. This can be particularly useful for presentations or collaborative work sessions.

Ultimately, the best video conferencing solution will depend on your organization’s unique needs and budget. However, by selecting the right video conferencing software, equipment, and accessories, you can ensure that your virtual meetings and collaborations are productive, efficient, and enjoyable for all participants.

Our professional team of audiovisual experts can convert your boardroom or meeting room into a video conference room with the latest technology. Moreover, we have empowered many businesses and schools in Brisbane with professional video conferencing services and remain the highest rated AV installation service in Brisbane.


In today’s environment, in-person meetings are becoming more difficult and restrictive. Moreover, it’s not the most efficient means of meeting with clients and team members. Since videoconferencing has become more common and accepted, more businesses are taking advantage of the flexibility and cost savings that virtual meetings provide.


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Let’s take a deep dive into the subject of video conferencing and how you can use it to run a business more effectively.



What is video conferencing?


Prior to the pandemic, video conferencing was a luxury that only large corporations could afford. Usually, smaller businesses did not have the resources to deploy complex equipment OR hire expert AV technicians to install video conferencing equipment. However, thanks to the sudden increase in demand, platforms and products such as Zoom Rooms and Logitech Rally have now become more accessible and affordable.

Did you know, in the US alone:



  • 94% of businesses who use video conferencing state that the company benefits from greater productivity.
  • United States businesses have more than 11 million video conferencing meetings a day.
  • 35% of employees using video conferencing in the workspace comment on feeling more included and valued in their company culture.
  • 43% of workers using video conferencing in a team structure believe that it can enhance their productivity despite the remote working style.
  • 94% of businesses claim that video conferencing has increased their business’s productivity.


Even though there are now free video conferencing platforms, with the addition of some professional AV equipment you can now leverage these free platforms for an even greater, professional video conference experience.




Video Conference Equipment



Logitech Z- Tap with Rally Conference Camera and Zoom Rooms


There are several technical elements that need to come together when configuring a room for virtual meetings and online video conferences. However, some of these items may exist in your boardroom already. Such as a monitor, a camera, and a microphone. In addition to this, you will need a strong internet connection, adequate lighting and good soundproofing to shield the room from external noises. Fortunately, our professional team can assess whether your existing AV products can be utilized. Generally speaking, most boardrooms or office meeting rooms will need to have the following equipment



Lumens PTZ Video conferencing camera


  • A monitor – either a projector or a large screen professional TV.
  • A camera – preferably a PTZ camera to allow position adjustments.
  • An audio receiver – this, in some form will be a microphone.
  • A speaker – this can be a speaker phone, or an separate speaker.
  • An amplifier – this is only needed for passive speaker set ups.
  • A network connection – a wired internet connection is preferable.
  • Conferencing software – To run the virtual meetings.




Video Conference Software


By 2022, it is expected that internet video traffic and worldwide IP video traffic will increase by 4X from 2017. Therefore, choosing the right software for your virtual meetings is key.


Importantly, the software that is chosen must be compatible with the video conference hardware that has been installed. If you are unsure of which video conference software to choose, our advice is to call one of our expert audiovisual installers to provide you with a professional recommendation.

In 2021 the best video conference software can be summarized below.





10 Business Benefits of Video Conferencing


Video conferencing presents new opportunities for businesses to scale quickly and efficiently. Whether it’s engaging staff remotely, collaborating with teams in different locations, or interviewing new employees. Video conference technology is efficient and very cost-effective.



1. Video is More Engaging than Audio

Despite the rise in popularity of ‘Clubhouse’ participants in audio conferences are susceptible to be distracted from their surroundings. With video, however, there’s pressure to maintain “virtual eye contact” because video conference participants are always visible. Because of this, there are higher levels of engagement.



2. Online Meetings Are Efficient

Reduced travel time is a significant benefit of video conferencing. Businesses can cut their travel costs by up to 30% when utilizing video conferencing. Moreover, if sustainability is a mandate in your organisation, a videoconference is a far greener alternative than flying staff around the country for meetings. In fact, studies suggest that driving to a meeting one hour away uses the equivalent electrical power as 1,000 hours of web conferencing.



3. Video Conferencing Saves on Travel Expenses

Not only is travel time-consuming, but it’s also expensive. In the US alone, the amount of remote workers telecommuting has increased by 115% in the last ten years and continues to rise. Most in-person communication can be accomplished via video conferencing. Save the money you would spend on business travel and put it toward other business priorities.



4. Improve Staff Communication

Around half of the world’s employees are expected to take part in telecommunications like video conferencing within the next decade. Research has shown that humans process visual information more quickly and accurately than text and audio. Therefore, when you have a meeting via a video conference, your audience will have greater comprehension and retain more information.



5. Connect Teams Across Borders

Teams are becoming increasingly geographically separated for several reasons. Moreover, the growth rate of video conferencing is going to be substantially affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Where, in 2020 we saw an unprecedented amount of video conferencing usage than ever before. Freelancers and even permanent staff can now work from home thanks to technologies such as Zoom and Logitech Rally.



6. It Improves Productivity

89% of employees state that video conferences reduce the time it takes to complete projects. For example, need a quick solution to a problem? Instead of sending an email and waiting for a response, connect for a quick video conference conversation and use a screen-share function to move on with your project.



7. It Improves Attendance

35% of employees using video conferencing in the workspace comment on feeling more included and valued in their company culture. It’s often challenging to coordinate busy schedules and bring staff together for in-person meetings. Video conferencing allows the kind of flexibility that can boost meeting attendance rates, and record the discussion for non-attendees.



8. It Provides More Structure for Meetings

43% of workers using video conferencing in a team structure believe that it can enhance their productivity despite the remote working style. Even though people are calling in from different locations, the start and end times of video conferences are usually well-defined before the start of the call. This means less idle chit chat and more meeting specific conversation during the allocated time.



9. It Helps Employee Retention

75% of CEOs predict that video conferencing will replace regular conference calls. It’s no secret that a good work/life balance is essential to employee retention. The mobility and flexibility offered by video conferencing gives people more control over their work days, and this leads to improved retention. 43% of workers using video conferencing in a team structure believe that it can enhance their productivity despite the remote working style.



10. It Gives You a Sustained Competitive Advantage

The video conferencing global market size was valued at $3.85 billion USD in 2019. Around half of the world’s employees are expected to take part in telecommunications like conferencing calling within the next decade. Moreover, 35% of employees using video conferencing in the workspace comment on feeling more included and valued in their company culture.


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