Latest Types of TV

There can be some confusion while buying a TV that can be wall mounted. There are different varieties of modern TVs that can be wall mounted in your TV rooms. The modern TVs are normally available with thin-large flat/curved screens. The size of the TV can be decided according to the size of the room chosen for wall mounting your TV. The picture quality and the sound effects of the TV are the other important deciding factors to buy a TV. The brief description on different types of wall mounting TVs can guide you to buying the best TV for your home.


LCD LED TV sets light emit diodes to light the screen. So, the brightness and picture clarity has improved compared to old LCDs that used compact fluorescent tubes or OFLS for the screen. They had the problem of uneven brightness on the TV screen and a short life-span. The programming of the light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are to light-up some areas and dim other areas on the screen according to the corresponding scene on the screen. So, this kind of feature can provide evenly distributed brightness. The backlight can be clearer and more precise due to the full-array LED set that puts the LEDs behind the screen. The bright areas are highly lightened and the darker areas are made dimmer, such that the clarity and contrast of the TV screen is improved. But sometimes while watching sports, imperfect light and brightness can appear, which may cause gloss in some areas.

Plasma TV

The fast motion scenes of movies and sports can be displayed with higher clarity in a plasma TV. Because the Plasma TV uses an enclosed gas cell to light-up the pixels that can be turned off or on quickly. The dark portions and shaded portions can be clearly seen in plasma TVs, which can be more effective when watching scary movies and you don’t experience a washed out picture in a Plasma TV during sunny days. Some Plasma sets are heavier and thicker than the LCD LED models and the Plasma sets can be wall mounted or installed at a limited altitude due to technical issues.

Ultra HD or 4K TV

The Ultra High-Definition (HD) TVs are known to have four times higher resolution than normal traditional HDTV. So, sharper and more detailed images can be displayed compared to the LCD LED TVs. Small pictures or images and text can be viewed more precisely than with normal HDTVs or other TVs. It is more expensive than normal HDTV, however the price is reducing day by day and the pixel quality is improving quickly. This can be comfortably wall mounted with high ambience and a perfect viewing angle.

Curved TV

There is no special technology implemented in curved TVs, but the picture seems to be wrapped by the curved screen. So, the viewers may not experience as much picture distortions as seen in other TVs. The horizontal viewing angle for the wall mounted curved TV is reduced and the picture or image seems to be cut off for the person sitting at the side of the TV. The curved TV screens are comparatively more expensive than the normal flat screens.


The OLED refers to organic light emitting diodes, which is one of the best technologies of today’s world. The picture quality is of a high definition and resolution. You don’t require a separate colour source and a much brighter and colourful image can be obtained by the organic LED TV screen. Large screen sizes of OLED TVs are available, which may give the best clarity and picture resolution if you are wall mounting it. The expense of this TV is quite high, but it is coming down.

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