Is your TV picture is breaking up?

What is Pixilation or picture break-up?

If your TV picture is breaking up or the TV screen jumps around quickly, then your TV is pixelating.  TV Pixelation occurs when the TV antenna signal strength falls below a certain threshold, or if you have interference coming from somewhere else.

Install Express provides Digital TV Antenna upgrades to prevent TV pixelation. Our TV reception experts can ensure that you have perfect TV antenna reception and your TV has the best picture quality.

If your TV picture is freezing, then you may think ‘my TV is faulty’ However this is simply the picture on the TV screen breaking up.

Digital TV scans frequencies to get the maximum signal strength for each channel,  however this only works effectively if provided with the latest antenna cable and connections. Even with a new digital TV antenna there can be interference generated by electrical equipment such as fridges and microwaves. This problem can be solved by providing electrical shielding by using RG6 quad shield cable and F-connectors for your TV antenna cable.

One of the best ways to fix to TV pixelation or  TV picture break-up is to install a digital TV antenna that works more effectively in lower signal strength areas. To get the best TV reception for a wall mounted TV, the team at Install Express can provide the best reception with Digital TV antennas, so feel free to contact us and we will get in touch with you today.

Other causes of  interference of TV reception can also be caused by tall buildings and trees. Our professional TV wall mounting and antenna installation experts relocate the antenna so that there is little or no interference (depending on your location). We can also install specific high gain antennas, such that the antenna picks up only direct signals and not the reflections from the buildings. To make a booking, please call us 1300 30 56 30.

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