Strong and Safe TV Wall Mounting Brackets

TV Brackets are used for wall mounting the TV. For secure TV wall mounting, you have to select the most suitable TV wall mounting Bracket. The specifications of the TV Bracket should match the specifications of the corresponding TV. We at Installexpress provides different types of TV wall mounting Brackets suitable for different TVs, such as Plasma, LCD, LED, 3-D TV, etc.

Selecting the Suitable TV Wall Mounting Bracket

Selection of the TV Wall Mounting Brackets depend upon various factors such as the specification of the TV, the viewing and seating locations in the room and overall layout or appearance of the room. Installexpress provides strong TV Wall Mounting Brackets with auto-lock mechanism for the safety of the TV, proper cable management features and an Adapter Plate to mount incompatible devices.

Different types of TV Wall Mounting Brackets

Articulating TV Wall Mounting Bracket – TV is mounted on the retractable arm of the TV Bracket, such that the TV can be projected to different sides, suitable for multiple viewing locations.

Tilting TV Wall Mounting Bracket – Tilting TV brackets enhance the downward motion of the TV that is normally mounted high up upon the wall.

Ultra-Thin TV Wall Mounting Bracket – For closely mounting a TV to the wall in a stationary or movable manner.

Swivel TV Wall Mounting Bracket – Swivel TV Bracket enhances the horizontal and vertical motion of the TV, but not in a projected manner.

Ceiling TV Wall Mounting Bracket – For mounting the TV on the ceiling of a room we use a ceiling TV Bracket. This can be also used for mounting a projector.

Other than the above types of TV brackets, we provide Platform TV Wall Mounting Bracket, Stationary TV wall mounting Bracket and Under cabinet TV wall mounting Bracket. These TV Wall Mounting Brackets are used for normal Flat screen TVs and stationary mounting of TVs in the kitchen or any other workplace.

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