The most luxurious home in Brisbane

The most luxurious home in Brisbane

It is the year 2001, i am freshly out of school and about to embark on a 4 year Electronics apprenticeship, from humble beginnings in a TV repair workshop i began to understand what it is people value when it comes to their personal electronic gadgets.
32” CRT Televisions (the big bulky glass box’s) had a price tag of close to $6000, let’s put that in perspective with what someone will now pay for a 60” 4K LED SMART TV.

We would spend our days visiting homes and repairing various Television and Antenna faults, i met many people and saw many homes. Back then we worked in a low socioeconomic area, but still the odd occasion arrived when we were called out to a beautiful mansion on a large property out the back of the south of Brisbane. I can clearly remember how speechless i was at the opulence within the property and immediately developed respect and admiration for the homeowners dwelling within. Fast foward to 15 years later, i have visited hundreds of homes that have equalled what i then believed was the pinnacle of home design and architecture. I have also had the pleasure of working on projects that by far surpass the opulence of this humble property in 2001.
I feel pretty privileged to have had this opportunity, what most people have only been able to see on television or in a design magazine, I have been able to feel and experience in person and really understand the goals and achievements of the respective home owner.
Now i can’t share with you any personal details or precise locations, i respect my clients privacy entirely, but i can describe some of the beautiful landscapes, architecture and how it was combined with the best home technology at the time to deliver a truly luxurious atmosphere and lifestyle.

Balmoral Brisbane: This was a 3 level home where i was called in to attend to a multi-level intercom system (We have many of them in our store like – Hikvision Video Intercom). As i greet the client and walk through to their home, i see what is still to this day the best city scape view of Brisbane, in full panoramic view through a 5 meter wide, open air balcony which can be sealed off to the outside with beautiful glass sliding doors.

The house being perched on top of a hill meant that there was no obstruction to the view of the iconic story bridge, whose lights would change colours periodically. It was easy to get distracted by all the beautiful decor and interior design, but i was there to do a job so i began testing the house intercom between each level. The Third level was the master bedroom, and the balcony to it was a small home office with an even higher aspect view of Brisbane city, quite an inspirational workplace, but the jewel in this crown was the bottom level entertainment area. A fully equipped outdoor barbeque setting complete with individual rotisserie, teppanyaki grill and what looked like 3 bar/food mini fridges, sensational sounding outdoor speakers linked to the indoor home cinema system. If i were these home owners i would’ve made a few variations to the technology side of things, but with the fast pace of technology it is hard to know how to future proof your home without expert advice.

Mermaid Beach – Gold Coast: Three story homes seems to be the point at where the real extravagance begins, and this home was no different. I was called in half way through a renovation and whilst ¾ of the home was a construction site, it still was livable and i was intrigued to see the final result in 6 months time. I was there for the purpose of overhauling the lighting system, the client was changing from C-Bus to Dynalight (both being high end home automated lighting systems). Every single room would become automated to some degree, wall mounted televisions in each of the children’s bedrooms which had been purposely themed by a personal interior designer, the Master bedroom on the top floor looked straight over the long stretch of sandy beach and was accompanied by an open air bathroom, stand alone bath tub (you know the old fashion ones with the claw feet) and His & Her walk in robes at different ends of the room (with a shoe rack Kim Kardashian would be envious of). The bottom floor was the entrance to the property which stepped down to an open plan kitchen and living room overlooking the beach once again. We ended up recessing a 75” Samsung Smart TV in a custom built cabinet, which was actually quite difficult to hide all the peripherals (the only thing this place could of done with was a server room for the electronics) but we managed in the end and a wall mounted iPad with a fixed bracket to match the new decor was the control station for all of the lighting, sound and vision. In my personal time i am a keen kitesurfer and an aspiring surfer, so walking out to the back patio where they had a cool open copper shower for those coming in from a surf definitely looked the part. The inner child in me got equally excited to try out the in-ground trampoline just beside the not so large swimming pool. I guess there is no need for a swimming pool when your house backs onto the ocean.