Smart Home Products: 10 Reasons Why People Love Em!

Smart Home Products

10 Reasons Why People Love Smart Homes

Smart home products are changing the world. Ordinary domestic appliances have turned into smart little robots. But why do people like it so much? Here are 10 reasons why people love smart homes.

1. Time-Saving Capabilities

The commodity we value most is scarcely found today. Everyone wants more time. Smart home products have useful features. Some of them have the express goal to help save your time. These devices will connect to the internet. It is then possible for you to operate it over the internet.

You are able to run activities like laundry and other cooking duties without even being at home. Smart vacuum machines can be programmed to keep to a schedule. It will clean the designated space whilst you are at work. Saving you the tedious chore of cleaning. Anyone loves to have more time on their hands.

2. Money-Saving Features

Smart home products can be a bit expensive. It has the latest technological advancements built into it. It will be at the top of the range of most brands. So, it is expected to be more expensive. But, many of these products have features that help save you money.

Take Smart Thermostats, for instance. It can help to reduce your yearly warming and cooling costs by about 20%. 45% of American smart homeowners save $98,30 on average per month. That adds up to more than $1’000 saved per year. Think of all the smart home products you can buy for $1’000. Apply your smart devices correctly and make your money back in savings.

3. Smart Security

62% of Americans claim home security as the top benefit of owning a smart home. It’s no wonder then that 3 out of 5 Americans buy smart security products with which to monitor their homes. This leads to smart locks and alarms being some of the most used smart home products.

Home CCTV and security cameras

4. Health Benefits

Smart home devices are firstly developed for its customers. The customer’s health is one of the top priorities. Many smart devices have clever features built in to ensure a healthier customer. Smart refrigerators have filters in its water dispenses. Smart air conditioning also has filters to rid the air of harmful dust particles. These products try their best to give you healthier tomorrow.

5. Stress Relief Effects

It’s not so apparent. But, you’ll see it when you add all these different benefits up. At the end of the day, you’ll be less stressed. Your smart appliances do a bit of thinking too.

Many smart products are equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI). This gives your devices the ability to learn by past experiences and through new knowledge. Your appliances will anticipate your needs. It will recommend solutions that suit your lifestyle. In the end, every bit of help will take more weight off your shoulders.

6. Effort-Saving Benefits

It’s simple. Get yourself smart products that do the hard work. You just program it and make sure it stays charged. Smart lawnmowers will cut your lawn according to the parameters and schedules you set. It will even return to it’s charging station before it runs out. Sit back and watch your lawn mow itself (literally).

7. Pet-Friendly Devices

Smart homes are also kind to your furry friends. Smart pet feeders will distribute perfect portions of food. Smart water bowls will filter its contents regularly. Smart doggy doors will open when the authorized dog collars are sensed. They are well cared for whilst you are at work. Couple it with smart CCTV and you can be away from home for a few days even. Keep an eye on them yourself and know they are fed sufficiently.

8. Total Control

You are the king of your castle. You can enjoy total control over what is dear to you. Control every part of your home from the screen of your smartphone.

9. Health Care for The Elderly.

Smart home technology is advancing at a rapid pace. Soon it will be able to give basic medical check-ups from the comfort of your home. This will make health care much more accessible to those who need it. A doctor can schedule a video call with clients for minor check-ups. Home test equipment will be so easy to operate that the clients will operate it themselves.

10. Business Opportunities

According to analysts, the smart home industry will ship 477 million products in the year 2020. In that same year, they believe the Internet of Things will generate revenue of over $300 billion. Americans have already spent $19,827 billion on smart home products in the year 2018. Opportunities are countless. You just need to identify them.

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You are bound to love smart homes too. These benefits and perks can make your life better as well. Give it a try!