Boardroom Smart Business Solutions – Part 1

Boardroom smart business solutions are critical to the success of today’s modern business!

An office boardroom with no video conferencing equipment indicates a business is not up to date with latest technology. Or worse, lacks the knowledge and/or funds to implement a boardroom smart business solution.

Boardrooms reflect how businesses operate. Meetings should be effective and efficient. An incoherent boardroom with poorly laid out facilities may stifle the productivity of the meeting.

Concerning the above, the reader does not need to fear. Generally speaking technology moves at such a pace it’s hard for everyone to keep up. However, in this article, we are going to discuss how a boardroom can be configured, what equipment will provide the best bang for your buck and also list a range of automated technologies to impress any new clientele or executive.

presenters stand in front of short throw projector
Interacting with presentations using short throw projection

First, we need to define the different styles of boardroom AV solutions. As each serves a different purpose and has a unique level of complexity (or simplicity depending on the solution)

  • The Short Throw Projector System (Part 1)
  • The Meeting Room AV System – Automated (Part 3)

The Basic Configuration of a Boardroom Smart Business Solution

The design of boardroom audiovisual requires flexibility as well as functionality and ease of use. Generally speaking, for a productive meeting the less time it takes to fire up the boardroom set up, the better!  Therefore, we will now cover the essential list for a 100” boardroom projector setup.

Boardroom AV equipment

Conference room presentation equipment

  • Powered Speakers – Kramer Tavor 6-OB 6.5″ Powered Speakers
  • A High Definition PTZ camera – Logitech PTZ Pro 2
  • A Wireless USB Speakerphone – HuddlePod Air – HP-AIR-BK
  • Cable Management & Connection Box – Epson ELP-CB02



This entry-level business smart boardroom solution will provide the benefit of your stock standard whiteboard (ideating old fashion style). With a few touches of a button, the fireworks will begin and you can be interacting with the whiteboard. First, we power up the ultra-short throw projector, the button is located on the easy to use connection box.

Secondly, we select one of the input sources. And again, the simplicity that has been designed into Epsom’s connection box makes this a breeze. For example, you may want to connect a laptop through the HDMI input. This is clearly marked. And once your laptop is connected the display projects onto the whiteboard. Now, this is where the system starts to shine.

Thirdly, you have the option to select whiteboard mode or mouse mode. Coupled with the use of the interactive pens, in whiteboard mode, you will be able to make annotations to your presentation and do things like highlight text and save the annotated slides to a USB stick for later use. Additionally, you can cast a screen from up to 4 wireless devices. This gives the presenter the freedom to walk around with a tablet during the boardroom presentation.

In a like manner, when using mouse mode the interactive pens can take control of the connected laptop. Thus allowing you to present to the audience from the projected image and not be tied to the PC.

In summary

Considering this basic boardroom AV set up. There are many benefits including ease of use and wireless connectivity for multiple users (via a connection dongle). Also, the added interaction with devices such as document cameras. Given these points, in our opinion, this is the most cost-effective way to turn a meeting room into a  boardroom smart business