PTZ-Camera on Tripod &/or Speaker/Mic system for zoom/teams events [Event hire rates – AV gear and ‘staff’ – Q4-2021 – QLD]

NOW ONLY: $660.00

RRP: $2299

Event-Hire of; Speaker/Mic system for zoom/teams – a complete system to connect any small room for zoom/team calls



Assuming your event venue has a ‘screen’ and ‘speaker system’ you may need any of the following:

  1. a laptop (PC: running Teams &/or PowerPoint — or a MAC laptop with PAGES) – Hire rates from $250-PC/$380-MAC
  2. a USB PTZ Camera on a tripod (see image above) – Hire from $399
  3. HP-Duo Kit – Hire from $475
  4. Cordless mic with USB link to PC/MAC – Hire from $275


When you hire ANY of the above gear, you can also book AV King staff to help you deliver your presentation for:

4-hrs (1-guy – AV) $660+gst

8-hrs (1-guy – AV) $1260+gst

4HRs for a 2-man team (AV and Cam/lights/slides) $1390+gst

8HRs for a 2-man team (AV and Cam/lights/slides) $2470+gst

LinkedIn Case/info

Product catalogue;


HuddlePod Air – Wireless USB 2.0 Speakerphone – Wireless Speakerphones [Full Duplex Speakerphone unit/kit]


HuddlePod Air Duo – Dual Wireless Speakerphones [Full Duplex Speakerphones – DUAL KIT]


HuddlePair; = 1x Webcam & 1x HuddlePod Air Combo PACK – Wireless USB 2.0 Speakerphone – [Full Duplex Speakerphone unit/kit with USB ‘receiver’ built into included USB camera unit]


LOGITECH PTZ PRO 2 VIDEO CONFERENCE CAMERA & REMOTE – HD 1080p video camera with enhanced pan/tilt and zoom

NOTE: This PTZ camera system has a remote with 3x memory positions, so you can hit ‘1’ to zoom in to the main table, and ‘2’ to zoom out and pan to the audience, and ‘3’ to zoom in to a ‘questions’ lectern.


Aver Cam520 Ptz Usb Cam Black CAM520-B Aver

Call; 07 3170 3706 (ask for Millin) for pricing and advice…





65″ IFP on mobile stand [24HR hire $599]


75″ Screen on mobile stand [48HR hire $999]



Dual 8″ Yamaha speakers and MusicCast AMP (good for rooms with 80~120x people) – [hire from $875]

Hire PTZ Cam on tripod and ‘HuddlePod Air’ for 24hrs for $499

Hire bond: $1800

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