Tesla 72hr X RENTAL SE-QLD – (QLD TeslaTaxi car rental booking)

NOW ONLY: $1,100.00

RRP: $1100

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Pay $1100 for 72HRs (starting from after 9am on a Monday – after 04/04/2022)


From 04/04/2022  – the below pricing will apply:

72hrs ‘mid-week’ $1100

5-days from a Monday (9am) $2175

7-days ‘peak’ $2899

7-days ‘promo’ $2290

30-days ‘$POA’ from $5,750 (or ‘less’ – quotes via email; millin.b@theavking.com.au)

Pricing for: QLD/NSW/VIC/SA — a ‘move’ fee may be added if the car is out of state… (email for quote)

Simply email;



for any availability questions – 72hrs notice required.



info on: Special pricing from $380 for 48HRs…

From time to time TeslaTaxi.com.au members will be offered ‘mid-week’ specials on this (and other) cars — the lowest cost for 48hrs is $380 (with $2800 bond) and this MUST start at Q-4101 at 9am on a TUESDAY to get this promo rate, this promo is NOT open every week, if you want to go on the ‘wait list’ for a low priced 48HR promo booking, just go to;



and register as such (or email Millin – see email above)



Car Facts: Blue X 6-seat (75KWH) from Q4-2019 was $152k ‘on the road’ new and has a 0~100km/h time of under 4.3sec – secondhand ‘value’ in Q3-2021 with 76,000km may be over $148k [white 32k-km, 2018 75D on carsales for $149k 31/07/2021]



Event Hire (with driver):


We (Install Express) are not taking any bookings for ‘car and driver’ – however we rent cars to several uber drivers and some also do a ‘limo’ service via this site;



we are happy to send your contact info on to our contacts of; car owner/drivers that can help with your event.


FYI: [car and driver ‘going’ rates] The above car for a 2hr event booking will cost ‘from’ $450+gst

or, for a 4hr booking from $899

or for a ‘full day ~7h’ pricing would start from $1399

coast for a 2nd ‘same’ car would add a $500 ‘booking’ fee to the $1399

Cost for a ‘Red P3D‘ would be from $599 for 3HRs

cost for 2x white cars would add (from) $250ex each ‘select colour’ cost.

time based from ‘to and from’ Q-4105 base

[above $1399 rate is for bookings completed before 25/06/2022 – we expect this to be $1669 from 26/06/2022 to 25/10/2022 and to be $1999 from 26/10/2022 with expected inflation in 2022 of 15%~35%+ in AU]

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