Tesla rentals for ‘UBER’ QLD rates – (for QLD TeslaTaxi.com.au – existing clients ONLY – min 4-months history)

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Tesla for UBER rentals

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Are you planning a journey in Brisbane and looking for a unique and eco-friendly ride? Consider Tesla car rentals for an unparalleled driving experience. Tesla, a pioneer in electric vehicles, offers cutting-edge models that redefine luxury and sustainability. Whether you’re a fan of the sleek Tesla Model S, the versatile Tesla Model 3, or the adventurous Tesla Model X, Brisbane provides the perfect backdrop for an electrifying ride. Embrace the future of transportation with Tesla car hire in Brisbane, where innovation meets style. Experience the thrill of driving an electric vehicle while contributing to a greener environment. Make your journey memorable with a Tesla rental, blending luxury, performance, and sustainability seamlessly.


option-a [car and all costs with limited free charging];


for a driver doing 1,200km to 1,500km per week – and doing 70% ‘charging at home’ – the cost is $635+gst per week on a 6-month contract (insurance included assuming under $2,700 PA cost)



option-b [free DC charging – max 1,900km per week – no tyres];


pay $695+gst per week on a 9-month contract (insurance included assuming under $2,700 PA cost)


NOTE: ‘set-up’ fee of $700 needs to be paid on ‘day-1’ to cover a new set of tyres that you retain as your property.



option-c [no charging, no tyres, no insurance]

pay $520+gst per week on an 18-month contract

NOTE: you need to pay 100% of insurance, you need to buy a new set of tyres (on day-1 – $700) and you maintain own tyres and keep them at end of term/rental.


GST Info: $520+gst = $572-incl-gst — assuming billed by AV King (if this rental is ‘direct to owner’ the GST situation will be quoted based on the car and owner…)


Tesla DC charging:

above 3x plans do not include Tesla DC charging, if needed this is billed as $45 ‘per-tank/session’ in 2022



‘free charging’ – this will include this location;



and others as specified in your formal quote.



All cars quoted above are 2019 Tesla EV Cars — for a 2021 add $40-ex per week or for 2022 cars add $90-ex per week



Pricing for: NSW/VIC/SA/WA/TAS — a ‘move’ fee may need to be added (email for quote)


Simply email;



for any availability questions – 72hrs+ notice is required to book.




after 6-months you may have the option to take a 30-month or 42-month ‘add on’ with a ‘rent to own’ outcome/option (to be quoted after 90-days of on-time payments)




early exit fees:

8-months or more ‘early’ $4,400

under 8-months but more than 4-months early $2,200

60-days to 4-months early $1,600

under 60-days ‘short of term’ $1,100


extra fee for under 21-days notice to end $850


i.e. take a 6-month (26-week) ‘contract’ and end after 19-weeks = $1100 fee (assuming the 21-day notice is provided)



info pack (on request) – to cover ‘what if’ and ‘95% up-time / 50% hold’ terms and options can be sent on email…

You can also get a Tesla, small time for Photo-shoot or weddings – in case you don’t need it for long.

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