AV King EQ pricing for Epson UST room install with WP Kit – AV Wall-Plate for installing a UST ‘education’ Projector or IFP system – Q3-2022 EQ set-pricing

NOW ONLY: $860.00

RRP: $1499

installing a UST ‘education’ Projector – Q3-2022 EQ set-pricing

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AVK – AV King QLD can install your new Epson EB-735F/EB-735Fi interactive UST system and a new ‘board’ and other EQ standard parts (speakers and AV Wall plate/leads etc) from under $899 per room!


Book 1x room (max 15km from BNE-CBD) – $880+gst (no board) or $1040+gst if we are also installing a new 2400×1200 board.

Book 6x rooms (max 15km from BNE-CBD) – $640+gst (no board) or $960+gst if we are also installing a new 2400×1200 board.


NOTE: The above image from Jan-2022 was an education install of the Epson EB-695Wi ‘finger touch’ interactive UST system on a new 2400×1200 board – this ‘board’ can be called a ‘white board’ but in fact has a small amount of ‘grey colour’ and ‘matte’ surface to provide the best contract and surface for use with UST projection systems – this board (2400×1200) is $540+gst including SE-QLD shipping for 1x [or $420+gst each with free delivery for any orders of 6x+ in 2022 – EQ clients only].



EQ AV Wall plate (from $125+gst) – Features:

10M HDMI WP Kits [EQ – $220ex]

Each kit;

1x EQ Wall Plate
1x 10M HDMI (not-boosted) lead
1x 10M 3.5mm to RCA lead

NOTE: 5M kits are $45ex LESS
‘boosted’ 4K 10M HDMI adds $65ex


this pack is all you need to install a new IFP or UST room — the cost of $225ex for the 10M kit is for EQ schools only — the 5M kit is $45 less = $180ex

FYI: The cost ‘with install’ drops an extra $35ex off this quote (=$145ex)

Option: 5M/10M USB lead and ‘fly leads’ are also optional, call Millin on 0478 216 234 [E: millin.b@theavking.com.au] to confirm type/compatibility (as some laptops/projectors may require ‘boosted/active’ USB &/or USB 3.0 and compatibility issues can exist…)


Please feel free to visit the projectors section of our store, where we covered a lot like – Epson EH-TW5700, EH-TW9400, and more. Follow our DIY Home Theatre Installation wiring guide in case you are doing it by yourself.

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