Hikvision Video Intercom ‘Villa’ Pre Programmed Kit

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This Kit includes 1 x Video Intercom Door Station (Ness Part No. 104-825), 1 x Video Intercom Room Station (Black) (Ness Part No. 104-828B) and 1 x Video Intercom Power Distribution Module (Ness Part No. 104-833).
The system is pre programmed and ready to plug and play and it will communicate between Door and Room station.
Additional Door and Room stations can be added as required.

Video intercom and access control systems have become a necessity in today’s world to ensure the safety and security of homes and businesses. In Gold Coast and Brisbane, video intercom systems are a popular choice for added security. They allow you to not only hear but also see the person at your front door before granting them access. Wireless intercom systems have also gained popularity due to their easy installation and integration with access control systems. Access control systems help to limit access to certain areas of your property and track entry and exit times. If you’re looking to improve your property’s security and convenience, consider investing in a video intercom system, wireless intercom system, or access control system in Gold Coast or Brisbane.

If you’re looking for reliable and secure intercom services on the Gold Coast or Brisbane, there are many options to consider. Installing a front gate intercom or home intercom system can provide added convenience and security for your property. Wired audio intercom systems are a popular choice, as they offer clear communication and can be integrated with door entry systems. Whether you’re looking for apartment intercom systems or a custom solution for your home or business, there are many intercom systems on the Gold Coast to choose from. Be sure to work with a reputable intercom provider to ensure your system is installed correctly and configured to meet your needs.

Our expert team specializes in intercom repairs and servicing in Brisbane, ensuring that your system operates flawlessly. We are also skilled video intercom installers, providing state-of-the-art video intercoms that enhance security and convenience. Whether you need to upgrade your existing system or install new audio intercoms, we have you covered. Trust us to deliver top-quality security equipment and professional service for all your intercom needs in Brisbane.


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