Home technology: 5 Must-haves for the Luxury Home

Home Technology has advanced so rapidly in the past 10 years that it is unfathomable to imagine life without it. Only a short time ago, say 20 years, luxurious home technology was very limited. There was no such thing as a smart device let alone a smartphone or smart home. 

However, now we are able to fulfil our wildest dreams when it comes to opulence. In this article, we are going to take you on a journey that was once only reserved for a James Bond film. We will introduce you to 5 truly elite household technology masterpieces for your luxurious house design.

How Home Technology Has Evolved

If you weren’t aware, the capacity for technology to double occurs about every two years. This means (according to Moore’s Law) that for an electronic circuit, the number of transistors would double, and the performance of the circuit is up to 40% faster. 

But let’s put this into something more relate-able. For example, 20 Years ago, the largest piece of technology one could have in their home was a 32″ CRT Television (the big box-shaped TV that weighed over 50kg). Very rarely would any home have 2 or 3. Therefore, luxury around the home was reserved for spaces of grandeur, tennis courts, rumpus rooms, swimming pools.

And then, only a short 10 years ago, a luxury home would typically garner 1 or 2 televisions, an intercom and perhaps a few speakers. Those televisions may have been upwards of $10,000 for something only as big as 42″

Now, it is hard to find even a standard size home without a large screen TV. Furthermore, “bigger is better” has become a modern phrase when it comes to home entertainment. Today, you will find a luxurious home filled with gigantic high definition televisions in multiple rooms, cinema systems that will leave the most frequent moviegoer speechless. 

And, if they could talk, they would be commanding the house to respond to all sorts of requests. Such as, dim the lights, turn the heat up, what is the weather like tomorrow? Put the house into Holiday mode until….

5 Super Cool Home Technology Must-haves For The Truly Elite

#1 – Voice Command Technology

We have only touched on this briefly, but this space is becoming more naturalized, and less gimmicky than its first inception. When you combine the enormous recourse of technology and data from Amazon and Google, a home that can converse with you is no longer a distant dream. A recent presentation from tech startup Dialogshift indicated that Google voice assistant now has 95% accuracy, which is on par with the human English language.

What this means for the house technology user is a more fluid command style of conversation. This is done by integrating the best smart home systems like Amazon Alexa or Google Home voice assistants with high-end home automation hubs.

Google Smart Home Technology

#2 – Home Automation Hubs

Home automation hubs are not all that new. A luxurious home 10 years ago may have had a form of automation through the use of a security system. Typically these were motion sensors that would turn on a light instead of setting off an alarm. 

Nowadays, the same concept applies, whether it is motion sensors, temperature sensors or sound sensors (Alexa/Google Home). These all get programmed into a ‘hub’ that executes a myriad of desired outcomes. For example, disarming an alarm system as you enter a driveway tells the system your home. Subsequently, an ‘arrival’ sequence may be executed. That is, doorway and hallway lights turn on, heating/cooling turns on, even your favourite news channel can appear on any given screen.

home automation hub

#3 – Smart Safety Systems

Home technology in the future will go even bigger on safety. Even at this time, all the security you need can be found in smart home technology. You no longer have to be wary of unusual access to your home. 

There are now applications with push notifications enabled to alert you to intruders. Motion detectors have become necessary, pairing with the internet and automatic door entry systems that only let in authorised persons. You also have the option of smart intercom systems (We have many of them in our store like – Hikvision Video Intercom) to provide or live video and audio streams. Also, providing access control from remote locations.

smart lock

#4 – Dedicated Home Theaters

Around the world, luxury residences are keeping up with the trend of installing dedicated home theatres. Why go for basic home entertainment when you can have more with better up-to-date systems? 

The trend is now shifting from creating typical media rooms toward having private cinemas embedded in the luxurious house design. The goal is to create a mind-blowing environment for entertainment. So you can enjoy a movie experience that outclasses what you get at standard commercial cinemas. With dedicated home theatres, you get a theme that connects with your personality while offering exclusivity.

luxury home cinema

#5 – Smart Home Technology Kitchens

Household technology is rapidly evolving to a point where you may no longer need a personal chef. Smart kitchens and smart kitchen appliances make it possible to cook really tasty food. You can connect these appliances and dictate how they work from your smartphone. Even when away from home, it’s still possible to control and monitor your smart kitchen appliances.

So homeowners can turn to smart ovens pre-installed with the trendiest cooking techniques to come up with well prepared, healthier dishes. And you’ve also got smart refrigerators with internet connectivity to allow you to download recipes while these devices read them out to you during your cooking. And with onboard cams, you don’t need to open your fridge to see what’s inside so long as you have mobile reception. 


The Next Frontier For House Technology

If you’ve been thinking about home technology in the future, one fact is clear – The future is now! Our homes are getting savvier and smarter. Inventors are now finding more ways to embed home tech into a luxurious home design. Gradually, the gap between autonomy and design is being bridged.

Connected devices have far more capabilities than you can ever imagine. They offer convenience and comfort which are two key elements of a happier lifestyle. Looking to make your home a hub of luxury? Then there’s no better time than now to consider exploring home technology systems.