Hiding wires and cables behind the TV

Hiding wires and cables behind the TV can be a challenge. Especially when messy cables or wires around the wall gives an unpleasant appearance of your room. The wires of the wall mounted TV should be hidden or concealed for cleaner appearance and a nice aesthetic look.

Install Express provides extra long HDMI and Antenna cables to be placed inside the wall. We ensure that the low voltage cables are rated for in-wall use. The cable enters and exits through a wall plate specifically for this purpose. Its called a brush plate or a bull nose plate. Our extension cord kit provides electrical wires with predetermined length of 3 meters, so that the extra wire can be wrapped up, stuffed in wall, or hidden. Shorter wires may not reach for proper connection and may break or even damage the equipment. To wall mount the TV correctly, you should have a specific cable length for the best connection.


We provide a 5 meter cable if the TV has to be full-motion wall mounted above the normal level and,
We provide a 3 meter cable for the normal typical full-motion TV mount.


Sometimes the bulky HDMI connectors which do not fit behind the slim TV are not suitable for safety and a good appearance. We cut, drill, assemble, wrap up and tighten all the connections so that they are done in a safe and secured manner. The moldings can be decorated and the conduits can be painted to match with the wall colour.

If you are not comfortable penetrating your walls, we cut and align the wall plate and wires in specific locations so that it gives an aesthetic appearance to the room. No one will even know they are there.


Contact us at 1300 30 56 30 and we will soon be there to wall mount your TV neatly with hidden HDMI cables in Brisbane or in  other surrounding neighborhoods.

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