Common problems for a Wall Mounted TV


Here are some common problems for a Wall Mounted TV. Picture break-up is refereed as pixilation. For a wall mounted TV, pixilation can be due to faulty inputs from switching the connections of multiple sources such as laptops and game consoles over and over again. You can solve the problem of switching devices by using a HDMI switcher.

Pixilation can also be bad TV reception.  If you are watching free to air television, this sort of interference occurs during bad weather when your TV antenna is in poor condition or if your antenna cable is inadequate.


The sunburst is seen as a ring or bursting of different colors on the image displayed on the screen. This is a common problem seen in a plasma TV. If you press your hand hard on the screen of the wall mounted TV, the problem of a sunburst may arise. This can increase the reflectivity of the TV screen. You can cover the screen of the TV with a glass after TV wall mounting to avoid a sunburst problem.


The image displayed in the screen remains for a longer time without changing even when the next scenes are displayed. This is not seen very much for modern TVs built with technology that prevents screen burn.


Reflections on the screen due to light is another problem for wall mounted TVs that can’t be moved away from the reflections. The best solution for this is to buy a TV with anti-reflective coating and you can watch your wall mounted TV from any place in your room at any time.

Other simpler problems like Phosphor Trails, Rainbow Effect, and Posterization can be also seen in TVs. You can experience flashes or green trails when the display of the screen changes to a brighter light. This doesn’t last for long and can be an ignored case. Overheating and Fan noise are the other two simpler issues seen for TVs. The problems of TV overheating can be solved by keeping a ventilation behind the wall mounted TV. Increased Fan noise may be caused due to a defect in manufacturing which can be solved by the manufacturer.

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Risk of wall mounting TV above a fireplace

It may be comfortable and stylish to wall mount the TV above the fireplace. But you have to consider some risk factors before opting to wall mount the TV above a fireplace.

The cables used to wall mount the TV above the fireplace should be of a higher quality such as HDMI cables or it should have wireless ports to receive signals. The next issue is the seating position. The TV wall mounting is done at a higher level to mount above the fireplace than normal wall mounting. So it may increase your neck strain where the issue is almost same as when you select the seating location in the first row of theater.

You have to always keep your neck upwards to watch the TV. The viewing angle may not perfectly match with the seating location. You may have to watch the movie with picture glare problems, because normally LCDs should be bent slightly downwards to get a clear view. It may quite difficult to set the perfect viewing angle above the fireplace.

Other than the uncomfortableness you face; the TV also gets affected. The temperature above the fireplace is quite high, which is not good for the electronic equipment TV. Increasing the temperature may shorten the life of TV. The picture quality problems or other issues can easily come through and damage the TV. So it is better to avoid doing  TV wall mounting above the fireplace.

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