Best Smart Home Systems of 2020

The Best Smart Home Systems of 2020

Getting a smart home set up used to be a bit difficult, but not anymore. Now, the process is by far easier. You can turn to different smart home systems to get all your devices working together in synchrony. But deciding what system to go with requires that you consider many important factors.

The best way to go about this is to decide how you intend to unify your smart devices. Once you get that out of the way, you can then go ahead with purchasing a system that helps you achieve that. So, we’ll tell you about some of the most recommended smart home systems of 2020 to choose from.

The Best Smart Home Systems

First, it’s necessary to differentiate smart systems from smart devices. You can liken smart home systems to command centres responsible for controlling individual products. So, when you want a device within the system to perform an action, you speak to a smart system.

On the other hand, smart devices are individual products. They depend on the smart system to function and they report back to it. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, check out our top 3 picks of the best smart home systems right now:

Home Automation Pieces

Samsung SmartThings Hub

If you need a seamless way to unify a plethora of smart devices created by different manufacturers, the Samsung smart home system does that effectively. 

From security devices to light bulbs, Wi-Fi routers, and thermostats, this system will get you up and running. You’ll receive a SmartThings Hub wall mount once you have the smart system. And you’ll also need the Android or iOS app to have full control of all devices in the Hub. 

More smart offerings continue to roll out within the Samsung SmartThings Hub and we’ve seen devices like a SmartThings Cam, SmartThings Lightbulb, and SmartThings Wi-Fi plug. The hub lets you initiate various actions using any compatible smart device. So, you can have Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa integrated with the system and you can also issue voice commands to the app or wall hub.

Google Assistant

Google assistant may not have as many 3rd-party integrations as Alexa but it excels in another department. Did you know that Google Assistant can outperform Alexa by up to 5 times when it comes to completing commands and answering questions? Definitely, Assistant benefits from the fact that the search engine space is run by Google.

Most major brands can also have their products integrated with Assistant like Uber, Spotify, etc. Assistant performs better at understanding human speech too. Here’s an example. While playing a song on Spotify, if you say “I do not like this song”, Assistant will immediately skip it.

But the result is different on Alexa and it’ll tell you that Spotify doesn’t have thumbs up and down support. These little differences may just tilt you towards Assistant and you might find it to be more practical.

Google Smart Home Hub

Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa can now integrate with more than 100,000 smart home devices as of July 2020. No list of smart home systems today can never be complete without Alexa. 

This smart assistant can be used in Eco-speaker form and it’s now a built-in feature of many smart devices such as TVs and thermostats. Her capability for integration and speech with a wide range of other smart apps and devices puts her ahead of many smart home systems. 

With Amazon Alexa, you have ease of access and control to every part of your smart unit. Today, many smart creators are building products with the ability to integrate with Alexa seamlessly. Speak to her to turn off the lights or use her to interact with applications like Spotify. Use the tag: “Works with Amazon Alexa” to know whether a device is compatible with this smart system. 

Choosing a Smart Home System

Smart Home Hubs 2020

There may be many other amazing smart home systems apart from Samsung SmartThings Hub, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa. 

But there are many tools out there to help you choose the right one. Take the time to read reviews and also check out the range of integrations for each system. Reviews should tell you whether a piece of technology is worth trying out. But the information about its integrations gives you an insight into the system’s ability to connect with your products. 

Making sure you go for a smart home system that connects all your devices seamlessly ensures a near-perfect smart home experience.