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TV Wall Mounting in Brisbane

Wanting to wall mount your TV in bedroom, living, office or any other room with any kind of specification? Installexpress provides experts with clever solutions to professionally mount your flat screen, plasma, 3D TV, etc. in any space. We have efficiently wall mounted hundreds of televisions in Brisbane and surrounding neighborhoods.

Wall Mount price list



Includes a fixed ultra slim bracket and mounting of a TV up to 65″ (LED TV) We will connect to all existing devices and new devices such as Bluray players and hard drive recorders.

*When no appointments available for the same day service/next business day is guaranteed!

Why should you wall mount your television?

1TV wall mount optimizes performance by extending, tilting and swiveling the TV for the best viewing pleasure and reducing glare from lights or windows.
2Mounting your TV with a thin design creates a valuable space and provides your room with a clean and modern look.
3  TV wall mounting protects your family especially children from injuries caused by the instability of televisions.

No Hidden Charges. We ensure

You have the right viewing angles without glare and ensure the best sound effects.

A recommended and stress free viewing distance is suggested and the TV is wall mounted accordingly by setting the best vertical and horizontal viewing angles. The glare caused by light, windows, room, etc. can be minimized for improved clarity and entertainment.

Concealing of wires and cables in your wall cavity.

The wires can be hidden in decorative moldings which look good while blending easily with the wall. The decorative moldings or conduits can be painted to match the wall color. Or, the wires can be passed through the wall with proper insulation so that the room can be maintained and improve the aesthetic ambiance.

Your TV Brackets are strong and safe.

We at InstallExpress use the best TV Brackets while wall mounting your TV so that they last forever and are safe. A wall mounted TV may be tilted and turned for the best viewing angles and it is very important that the brackets are of a high quality.

No pixilation and picture breakup.

If your TV reception faces problems of pixilation or picture break up, we offer digital antenna upgrades and service by our qualified expert technicians and we ensure all the audio visual equipment are safely installed.


To get your TV mounted in your favourite TV-viewing location, Contact us or call us at 07 30414025 and we will complete our service at a time that suits you. Click here to see other services offered by InstallExpress in and around Brisbane.
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