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Home Automation Systems

Make your life easier, smarter, secured and enjoyable with a fully automated home!

Why should I go for Home Automation?

Easy Life: The manual tasks that you have to do throughout your home can be automated so that the time and energy spent for doing these tasks can be eliminated. The lights and fans automatically switch on when you enter the room. Want to watch movie? the window curtains may automatically spread and automated dimming of lights to a specified intensity while switching your audio system to the required speaker settings. All programmed with the touch of a button.

Conserve Energy and Money: Your lighting and heating circuits can be programmed to be automatically switched off when you leave the house. Or, you can switch on/off whatever you desire while you are in your car or office with the help of a simple button in your ipad or mobile phone. Preheat or cool down the house before you get home!

Secured Home: You can open or close your security gate from anywhere you wish with an internet connection and view camera footage online. Using a touch screen of your mobile device, you can manage your home electronics from anywhere. You can allow relatives or guests to enter inside your home without handing over a key. Allow a courier to safely leave a package inside your secured gate.

Peace of mind: We feel if you can manage your home from the outside world then it will make you very happy. You can even manage to feed your kids and pets by the advanced Home automation technology we have, just ask us!

What can be home automated?

  1. Audio Visual and Entertainment systems
  2. Light Control System
  3. Air-Conditioner and Heater Control System
  4. Doors and Gateway Control Systems
  5. Security and CCTV control Systems
  6. Energy management Systems
  7. Hot Water management Systems