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Selection of the Digital Signage Display Panel

You may be confused in how to select the digital signage display screen. The type of the screen should be selected by considering the environment to install the screen in and the real purpose to install the screen. You should also consider the lifetime of the screen while buying the digital signage display screen.

Plasma Digital Signage Display Panels

The plasma digital signage display screen can be used if you have many videos or dynamically moving images and texts or graphics. It is typically available in 42-inch, 50-inch, 63-inch, 70-inch and 80-inch sizes. The limitation for the plasma screen is that it can’t be used for altitudes above 60,000 feet. And if a static image remains in the screen for a longer duration of time, then the plasma screen may face a problem called “burn-in” where the image will remain as it is, but now-a-days most of the plasma screens are provided with anti-burn technologies.

LCD Digital Signage Display Panels

The LCD Digital Signage Display Panels are more suitable for displaying the static images and texts or graphics, because the clarity of the static pictures are higher than in plasma. But it is not so suitable for full motion videos, as it has a slower response time and unable to display clearly the fast moving video signals. The normal available size of LCD panels is of 30-inch, 32-inch, 37-inch, 40-inch, 57-inch and lasts longer than normal plasma Digital Signage Display Panels. The limitation of LCD Digital Signage Display Panels is that they cannot be used at very low temperatures and seem to be costlier than plasma.

LED Digital Signage Display Panels

The LED Digital Signage Display Panels provides the maximum brightness and can display the images with high brightness and clarity at night time. It is commonly used for stadium displays and is very expensive. It is available with maximum resolution and high screen sizes.

DLPª Chip Digital Signage Display Panel

The DLPª Chip Digital Signage Display Panel is one of the best currently available display panels. The cube display is economical and can be placed side by side. It can display fast moving full motion videos and static images without any burn-in complaints. It is available in sizes of 50-inch, 61-inch and 84-inches.  It lasts longer and the cost is almost similar to that of Plasma Panels.

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