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Right Screen Location

It is more important to select the projector screen type before selecting the location. There are pull-down projector screens and fixed projector screens. The location of the pull-down projector screen can be varied. But the picture clarity is improved if it is a fixed projector screen. So, the right screen location has to be set for the fixed projector screen installation. To select the screen location for perfect view, we have to consider the following factors:


The projector screen should be placed in a position where the viewers can comfortably view the screen and the operator comfortably operates the contents to be displayed. The alignment of the screen depends on the position of the projector installation. You have to select the best wall suiting for installation of the projector screen. To view the picture on the projector screen with clarity and without any washed out images, then the screen should be installed in the wall which has no direct light source. If light enters onto the surface of the wall, then we shall provide an ambient light rejecting screen capable of controlling the light entering the room.

Height and Width of Projector Screen vs Seating Position

The seating position should depend on the height and width of the screen. It is The picture clarity varies according to the complications to obtain an accurate seating position depending upon the diagonal distance and width of the screen. But an approximate seating position depending on the width and diagonal distance can be suggested, and the best seating position can be selected from the options. To provide a clear view for an audience in multiple rows of seating, the height of the projector screen should be maintained above 24”, but it is not recommended to go beyond 36,” as that creates strain for the audience in the front rows. The audience seat should be positioned where the angle between the top to bottom length of the projector screen from the person should be less than or equal to 15 degrees.

Projector Location

The main factor used is to select the screen location is the position of the projector. The distance between the projector lens and the projector screen is referred to as throw distance and it determines the size of the image to be displayed. The placement of the projector with respect to the screen is also a deciding factor to locate the projector screen. The projector can be placed in front of the projector screen, rear side, top or at the bottom of the projector. The vertical offset, which means the height at which the projector should be placed with respect to the screen, is also another factor to decide the clarity of the screen.

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