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Push Control System

The complete automation of your home by using a smartphone or tablet while lying back on the sofa, reading the latest news, emailing your friends or buying the latest gadget can be easily done by a simple push control system.

The push of a button on tablet or smartphone can control the various electronic equipment in the connected home. The Push controller can automate multiple control zones through a strong wireless network. The home automation in Brisbane by a compact, wireless, self-powered, ID-transmitting and secured push button control system ensures this to be economic, with energy saving with environmental benefits and luxury cultural benefits.

The centralized detection and control of:

Lights by integrating Push controller for brightness and color at different light levels for various tasks

Thermostats by monitoring the temperature and adjusting HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) accordingly

Entry Doors by securely ensuring them to be closed & locked or opened remotely, and peeking out of the front door from any room of the house using the tablet to see the visitor without opening the door

Video cameras by monitoring functionalities with our phone or tablet

Foxtel and TV by changing the channels and other remote operations

Garage doors by ensuring to be locked before bedtime

Vehicles entering or leaving your driveway

Apart from the above automation by the push button, the weather reviews and automated control of audio & video equipment such as SONOS, Blu Ray/DVD, blind controller and media centers around our home can be achieved by customizing our smartphone or tablet screens.

Ample power of a push with superior quality software and controller boxes transmits a robust digital ID code across the entire floor of the connected building. The Digital Input and Output capabilities enables one to virtually control the equipment in various modes. The product upgrade can be enabled by using field upgradable firmware.

Hence there is no worry about wasting power, switching on lights, audio systems or controlling the temperature. The user-friendly home automation by push controller brings them a fast-paced lifestyle that is be enriched with opportunities to introduce more convenience and peace of mind.

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