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Types of Projector

LCD Projector

The LCD projectors use a liquid crystal display technology, which is referred as 3LCD, because they use a combined system of three liquid crystal displays. The LCD projectors work as transmissive medium for light source. The diachronic mirrors of LCD projectors reflect certain wavelengths of white light that are passed through it. The three LCD panels create the same image with different hues. The prisms combine to form a single image with 16.7 million colors, which is passed through the lens to project onto the screen.

Misalignment of LCD projector components are high, which may cause the dust particles to enter the panels and mirrors. Image quality of the projector may be reduced because of the misalignment of the LCD projector. Though the maintenance is much higher, the LCD projectors are compact and lightweight, which can be easier to use. The LCD projectors are suitable for use in large environments, as they have a longer throw distance and a higher zooming capability.

DLP Projector

The DLP projector is considered to be a reflective medium. The DLP projector works on a DLP chip called a digital micro-mirror device with millions of small mirrors. The maintenance of a DLP projector is easier than a LCD projector because dust does not settle on the DLP chip. The chip can be adjusted independently which can create light or dark pixels by moving the light source. A color wheel is provided on the DLP projector to deliver different colors such as red, blue and green or cyan, magenta and yellow.

Normal DLP projector can create 16.7 million colours, but the latest advanced 3 chip architecture of DLP projectors support up to 35 trillion colors. Even though the DLP projectors do not experience misalignment of chips, the slower movement of color wheels may give a rainbow effect. Rainbow effect means flashes of light are seen on the projector screen like a rainbow. The DLP chip can be dust free, but dust can settle on the color wheels, which may reduce the image quality on the screen. The DLP projectors are suggested for use in small environments because zoom lenses and lens-shift functions are not readily available.

LED Projector

The DLP projectors, referred as solid-state illumination, is the LED projector. Or, there are Pico projectors which use liquid crystal on silicon (LCoS) technology or DLP technology. The LCoS technology is similar to LCD panel, but the LED panel of LCoS technology is considered to be reflective medium. It does not support color wheel technology and has a longer lifespan. The LED has more energy efficiency than normal lamps, so that LED does not require a warm-up or cool-down time. The LED projectors have high aperture ratios, resolutions, and contrast ratios. Though you do not have to spend more on maintenance cost or operating cost, the cost for the initial purchase of LED projectors is much higher than an LCD panel projector and DLP projector.

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