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Projector Sound System and Video Tuning

Sound System

For viewing a video projector with  complete ambiance, you have to get a perfect sound system. The projector sound system should be considered more important as the presentation in projectors is normally done for a larger  audience. So, the projector sound system should have the following properties:


Sound should be equally filled in the room

The room should be have 4-6 speakers so that the room is filled with the sound of the presentation displayed in the projector screen. The sound system of the projector should be fully integrated with the best quality sound system. The voice enhancement of the system should be highly optimized, such that the audience can easily understand the session or the speech. The voice amplification with equalized voice range inside the room should be obtained, so that any person regardless of the seating position should be capable of hearing the sound with high clarity. This may improve the impact of the presentation for the viewers and listeners.


Projection Sound Setup and Installation

The sound system should be customized by adjusting the front or rear balance to direct the sound towards the audience. To obtain an easy setup, the projector’s sound system should be capable of supporting multiple audio inputs and multiple audio outputs. There are new methods for speaker installation as the latest technology is provided with in-built speakers.

So, you don’t have to get a speaker, connect it using a wire or maintain it. Or else, you can go for wireless audio transmitters. Here you don’t have to pull the wire across the room to connect the speaker, you have to just power them using the USB and connect the output to the transmitter and input to the receiver. In this method, you can hear the sound with highly enhanced clarity with a neat and maintained external appearance.


Sound Without Distortion

The quality of the sound system should be incredible, where your sound system is provided with anti-feedback and distortion noise reduction features.

A room with an echo problem may have to face more noise interference issues, so the distortion reduction features can help to get the sound free from interference or any other distortion problems.

Video Tuning

One of the important and sophisticated issues is to tune the video displayed on the screen. To fine tune the video, you should have enough patience and dedication. Now-a-days, projectors normally are provided with a built-in grid pattern that helps to adjust the tuning process. But a small tilting and focusing should be done to get the proper picture on the screen. The following steps should be taken to tune the video:


Zooming the Picture

A fully filled picture on the screen gives more interest and excellence while viewing it on a projector. You can also zoom out the image to see the border of the image and can adjust other parameters for video tuning.


Focusing the Picture

Picture focusing for projectors is similar to the picture focusing in the camera. Adjust the focusing ring until a clear image is obtained while viewing through the lens or binocular.


Rolling, Pitching & Yawing the Picture

These three processes are the finest adjustments where you have to patiently tune the video to get the perfect picture. To adjust the roll of the picture, you have to set a torpedo  parallel to the screen. If roll is not set correctly, the image may bend to either side of the screen.

To adjust the pitch, you have to set a torpedo  perpendicular to the screen. If pitch is not set correctly, the sides of the image will not be parallel with each other even if the screen and projector are leveled perfectly.

Adjusting yaw of the picture is more complicated than roll and pitch adjustments of the picture. Here you can’t use just any leveling system to set the yaw of the picture. Turning the projector side-to-side can help to adjust the yaw of the picture. If the yaw is not set correctly, the top and bottom of the image will not be parallel to each other.

Projector Software

The projector software is an important factor that is to be considered before projector installation. The software should provide support for the central connection of the projector components. The software of the projector should be capable of adjusting the brightness, diagnostics, image adjustment, picture-in-picture settings and image control settings.

The projector tools used during projector installation should be provided with the best visualization management. There are different navigation tools to focus and adjust the projector. The computer data and video should be automatically sent to the projector to display on the screen. Long cables and ports are not required during the projector installation by the introduction of the automatic set-up.

An additional projector manager set-up also should be provided to control the projector from the desktop screen of your computer without moving towards the projector to turn the buttons of projector.

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