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Proper Projector Location

The projectors can be placed in four different positions with respect to the projector screen.

On a table positioned in front of the projector screen

This is the most common and easy setup of projector installation. The projector is installed on a table in front of the screen. The audience has to sit behind the projector for a perfect view.

On the ceiling in front of the projector screen

This is a more secure way of projector installation, as kids won’t hit the projector table while running around. Here the projector is suspended upside down on the ceiling. We provide the projector ceiling mounting kit for installing the projector on the ceiling. On the system settings we have to select the  Front Ceiling after the projector is turned to the on position.

On a table positioned behind the projector screen

The projector is placed on a table above the floor, behind the screen. Here, the projector is hidden from the view of the audience. To install the projector in this way, you have to get a special kind of projector screen and have to set Rear Table on the system settings.

On the ceiling behind the projector screen

The projector is installed upside down on the ceiling located on the rear side of the projector screen. Here, we provide the projector ceiling mounting kit for installing the projector on the ceiling and the system settings should be adjusted to select the rear ceiling after the projector is turned on.

After deciding the position to install the projector, the next task is to find the proper location of the projector based on considering various other factors depending on:

Throw Distance

The distance of the projector lens from the projector screen is called the throw distance of the projector. There is a minimum and a maximum distance to place the projector with respect to the projector screen for a perfect view of the images at an optimum size. The throw ration depends on the mounting distance of the screen and screen width.

Vertical Offset

Vertical Offset means the height of the ceiling from the projector or how much high is ceiling from the projector placed on the table or floor. This is not considered if the projector is mounted on the ceiling. The offset percentage is calculated according to the center of the projector lens with respect to the vertical center of the screen. The percentage of vertical offset is calculated as the ratio between the distance of the lens above/below center of screen to the height of the screen.

Horizontal Lens shift

The horizontal lens shift is the ratio between the horizontal center or distance of lens to the left/right of center of screen and the width of the screen. The modern projectors are considered to be free from vertical offset issues and horizontal lens shift issues, but you have to consider both those factors to obtain  images with a high clarity.

Projector Structural Integrity and Seating Position

The installation of the projector should be secured by using a solid and efficient mounting kit. We at InstallExpress provide a secure, solid projector mounting kit with high integrity. Another main factor for projector installation is finding a  seating location with a minimum interference of light, noise and heat for the persons to view the screen comfortably without any external disturbances.

If you want to install your projector, contact us at  07 30414025 for Projector Installation in Brisbane with your favorable type of Projector Screen in a perfect location.

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