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Avoiding Pixilation or Picture Break-up of TV reception

What is Pixilation or picture break-up?

While watching TV, if your TV pictures appears blurred and the screen moves quickly, then your TV faces the problem of pixilation. Pixilation or picture break-up is caused when signal strength falls below a certain threshold.

InstallExpress provides DIGITAL ANTENNA ENDORSEMENT SCHEME to prevent pixilation. Our TV wall mounting experts can ensure that you are free from pixilation and are able to watch your TV at its best picture quality.

If your wall mounted TV set has a slow refresh rate, then you may face pixilation and freeze-framing of the TV screen. Digital TV can scan the frequencies to get the maximum signal strength for each channel, if provided with the proper cable and connections. Still, there can be interference generated by electrical equipment such as fridges and microwaves. This problem can be solved by providing shielding by a special RG6 quad shield cable and F-connectors.

One of the best solutions to pixilation or picture break-up is to install a Digital antenna that requires low signal reception for the wall mounted TV. We at InstallExpress can provide the best low signal reception Digital antennas, so feel free to contact us and we shall get back to you in a flash.

Interference of a the signal can also be caused by tall buildings and trees. Our professional TV wall mounting and antenna installation experts mount the antenna so that there is no interference. We can n also install antenna, such that the antenna picks up only direct signals and not the reflections from the buildings. To make a booking, please call us during working hours at 07 30414025.

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