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How To Setup an Outdoor TV?

You may feel more luxuries and comfortable watching TV from your backyard or anywhere outside your home. TV Wall Mounting inside your home will be easy, but you have to face some risk factors for Outdoor TV wall mounting or installing the TV outside. Normal indoor TVs cannot be used for wall mounting outside. The main few factors that you have to consider before Outdoor TV wall mounting are:


All electronic devices work properly between a certain temperature range. If the temperature exceeds or falls, it may cause some electronic circuit failures. Outside temperature highly varies from summer to winter. So, the normal indoor in-built TV fans may not maintain the temperature of the outdoor TV. You may require more powerful in-built TV fans for outdoor TV.


The surrounding humidity also varies, which may cause the electronic circuit malfunctioning. So, proper number of ventilation and other holes should be present for outdoor TV.


The outdoor TV should be installed inside a TV enclosure with a covered panel. The outer environment will not be free from dust, which may cause a chance to enter the circuits of TV and damage it. So, dust proof panels should be bought for an outside TV.

Even other environmental factors like rain water, lightning, etc. may reduce the lifespan of the TV. So, the outdoor TV mounting should overcome all the above risk factors. So, you have to consider the following things while wall mounting an outdoor TV:

TV Enclosure

The TV enclosure you choose for mounting you outdoor TV should be weatherproof. The TV should be protected from all variable temperatures and humidity. The enclosures should be big enough to support the in-built fan and vents. The panels should be dust free or dust proof.

Cables and Wires

Many wires connecting the power plug from inside to outside the backyard may not feel like a clean environment. So, the best setup to hide the cables may be accomplished by using a wireless HDMI or the Internet connections used by the media box. The surrounding appearance can be fantastic without any cable disturbances.

Glare and View Adjustments

The most common problem you may see while mounting the TV outside can be the glare issues. Due to the influence of direct sunlight, the outdoor TVs face more such problems. The best preferable place for mounting the outdoor TV is a shaded area. But according the positions of the Sun, the shaded area may also change. So, you have to go for a tilt-able mount for TV installation. The Pole mounts are preferable for outdoor TVs where you can comfortably tilt the display panel, so that you won’t face any glare problems.

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