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Small Wall Mounted TV In Kitchen

It may be boring if you stay inside your kitchen for a long time without any other entertainment. So get a small TV wall mounted inside your kitchen, so that you can watch movies, songs or even taste time recipe programs to cook new dishes. You don’t have to sacrifice your favorite TV programs while cooking.

Find a suitable place to mount your TV and get a small sized waterproof television. The main issues you have to consider is about the temperature and water management in kitchen.

There are different limits of temperature ranges for different televisions. You have to keep the wall mounted TV within the specified temperature limits. So, it will be better if you would wall mount your TV away from your gas stove or any other cooking appliance.

Water entering inside the TV may also damage the electronic circuits built inside the TV. So wall mount the TV away from wash basins or any other water supplying sources.

Suitable place for TV Wall Mounting inside Kitchen

Mount TV inside a shelf

You can place it as an appliance for an easy view. A shelf opposite to the place where you stand most of the time. Mounting inside the shelf may protect it from high temperatures and water drops. The shelf chosen should be found at a favorable eye level of the viewer. Avoid choosing a place opposite to a window in-order to reduce the glare issues. You can also wall mount it higher when considering the safest zone.

TV Wall Mounting using pivot arm

If you don’t have a suitable shelf for mounting a TV, then you can wall mount the TV using a pivot arm. The placement will be safer and you can choose the most comfortable location to wall mount a TV. You can tilt the TV as you wish and watch the wall mounted TV at the desired angle.

Hanging TV downwards

For a small and lightweight TV hanging down from a berth or shelf can be chosen. You can go with the air-plain style flip down solution for hanging the small TV downwards. It may look beautiful and neat if the TV is hanging down. You have to choose the safest location to hang the TV.

So, from now onwards you may enjoy your cooking by watching your favorite shows from the kitchen. Contact us at 07 30414025 for the most professional, safe and best TV wall mounting anywhere in your house.

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