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Home Automation System

Make your life easier, smarter, secure and enjoyable with a fully automated home in Brisbane and surrounding neighborhoods. You don’t have to worry about closing the doors and windows or to turn off the lights or fans while coming out of your home. Get your home automated and make your life peaceful and easier!

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Why should I get Home Automation?

Easy Life

The manual tasks that you have to do can be made automated, so that the time and energy spend for doing the tasks can be conserved. The lights and fans automatically switch on when you enter the room. When you want to watch a movie, the window curtains may automatically spread and automated dimming of light to specified intensity and switching to the required speaker can be programmed.

Conserve Energy and Money

While rushing out of home for any urgent office work, you may forget to shut down your fans and lights. After getting your home automated, you don’t have to worry about wasting  electricity and money. It can be programmed to be automatically switched off when you are out or you can switch off whatever you require while you are in car or office with the help of a simple button on your iPad or mobile phone.

Secured Home

You can open or close your doors and gate from anywhere you wish. Using a touch screen of your mobile device manages your home equipment from anywhere. You can allow any relatives or guests to enter inside your home and make them feel  comfortable when you are away from your home. Make them comfortable by managing your home equipment as you wish. The smart locks, smart doorbells and smart sensors will always make you aware of your home and you can ensure a secured, automated home.

Happy and Peaceful mind

If you can manage your home from outside, then it will definitely make your mind peaceful and happy. You can even manage to feed your kids and pets by using the advanced Home automation technology. You don’t have to worry about wasting any resources and so your money will go further. Make your home and your surrounding area under your control each and every moment.

The management Strategies that are Home Automated

Hot Water Control System

The supply for hot water and the temperature control of water can be automated by a home automation system. If you have gone away for any holiday tour for few days, then by use of the motion sensor and various other sensors, the absence of people can be detected and the automatic supply of hot water can be stopped. You can save money and energy automatically. The water temperature can also be automated by sensing the temperature and humidity of the surrounding environment.

Light Control System

The tube lights and other light sources can be automatically turned on and off by a home automation system. The automation of the light sources is controlled using a motion sensor and timers. The lights can be automatically dimmed when you watch TV. So the lights of the room get switched on when you enter and switched off when you leave.

Fans, Air-Conditioner and Heater Control System

The surrounding temperature and humidity can be sensed and the temperature on the air-conditioner can be automatically regulated using the Home automation system. The heater automatically switches on if the surrounding temperature is too low. Fans will automatically turn on if the humidity or temperature rises. Temperature sensors kept at different places in your home detect the temperature and humidity of the surrounding to regulate the equipment. Hence, the energy usage can be automatically controlled and wastage of energy can be reduced.

Doors and Gateway Control System

The security of the home can be ensured by the Home automation system. The door-locks, doorbells and gateways can be programmed, such that it can be opened only with the permission of the house owner. The indoor security cameras and other personal identification sensors are used to detect the person waiting to enter the house. So, the home management can be completely controlled by the house owner or the family members. In a mobile device variable scenes can be built to control multiple equipment in the automated home.

Kitchen Appliances control System

Various kitchen appliances like a coffee maker, fridge, etc. can be automatically regulated using the home automation system. By setting the timer automatic preparation of coffee or other drinks and food items can be processed. The appliances can be programmed accordingly to prepare required items at specified times.

View and manage your home every moment from anywhere by installing the home automation system. We at InstallExpress provide the best Home Automation System in Brisbane. To make your home and life better and comfortable by home automation system contact us at 07 30414025.

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