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Concealing Of Wires And Cables Of A Wall Mounted TV

Why should we hide the cables or wires of your wall mounted TV?

Messing with the cables or wires around the wall gives an awkward appearance of your room. The wires of the wall mounted TV should be hidden or concealed for clean appearance.

InstallExpress provides an extension cord that is rated to be placed inside the wall to fully integrate the wires. We ensure that the low voltage cables are rated for in-wall use. The extension cord connects the outlet behind the wall to the inlet at the same height of outlet. Our extension cord kit provides electrical wires with predetermined length of 6-8 feet, so that the extra wire can be wrapped up, stuffed in wall, or hidden. Short wires may not reach for proper connection and may break or even damage the equipment. To wall mount the TV, you should have a specific cable length for the best connection.


We provide a 12-foot cable if the TV has to be full-motion wall mounted above the normal level and,
We provide a cable with a 6-8 feet length for the normal typical full-motion TV mount.


The bulky connectors which do not fit behind the slim TV are eliminated for safety and good appearance. We cut, drill, assemble, wrap up and tighten all the connections so that they are done in a safe and secured manner. The moldings can be decorated and the conduits can be painted to match with the wall colour.


Even if you are not supposed to penetrate your walls, we paint and align the wires in various designs so that it gives an aesthetic appearance to the room.


Contact us at 07 3041 4025 and we will soon be there to wall mount your TV neatly with hidden or well-maintained aesthetic cables in Brisbane or in several other neighborhoods.

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