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I have too many remotes, can I have just one?

In today’s world of home entertainment, many home users find that they have accumulated many different remotes for each device they have: A TV remote, a DVD remote, a Foxtel remote, an Amplifier remote, etc… You then have to work out how to operate your home theater using more than one remote control.

Fortunately, there are multiple solutions that will suit any situation. Cheap universal remotes can replace a simple TV set up, and they can be easily programmed without the use of software. For more advanced home theater applications you can program iPads, iPhones and Android devices to control just about everything in your home. Ask us how.

Why does my TV picture break up?

If your Digital TV picture is breaking up (commonly known as pixilation), it can be a symptom of your antenna signal strength and/or quality not being adequate enough to receive Digital TV. In most cases this can be easily rectified using the latest digital antennas, masthead amplifiers or boosters.

If your antenna reception STRENGTH is too weak, it may be caused by the antenna height being too low, the location of the antenna or property, obstructions such as buildings or mountains, or simply the age of the antenna. A roof survey using a Log Periodic antenna will determine the highest antenna signal strength available.

If your antenna signal QUALITY is poor, this may be caused by electrical interference from turning on a light switch, dense foliage surrounding your home, or corroded antenna parts. To combat this we use RG6 quad shield cable and f-type connections, and follow procedures that adhere to the DIGITAL ANTENNA ENDORSEMENT SCHEME

How to secure my large TV?

The amount of injuries to children due to TVs being knocked over is on the rise. There are a few options available to prevent this type of accident. One way is to screw a safety strap from the back of the TV to the existing cabinet. If this is a glass unit, then we would suggest screwing into a stud in the wall. The most common solution is wall mounting your TV. This will secure your LCD or Plasma to the wall out of reach of the children’s hands. The other advantage of wall mounting is cable concealment. Depending on the material of your wall, there is usually a cavity where we can hide all connecting cables. This will prevent tampering, cables being disconnected and it makes your setup a lot neater and tidy.

How do I get surround sound?

With TVs getting more slim and streamlined the unfortunate trade-off is sound. There is really no place to put quality speakers inside a flat panel TV. Hence, the need for a surround sound speaker system. The main goal here is to create a movie theatre experience in your home. There are many types of speakers available. The most popular and cheap speaker is the “all-in-one” home theater system which the four major brands in Australia, Panasonic, Sony, L.G and Samsung.

All provide everything in the box such as a speaker wire, speakers and a subwoofer for bass. The DVD or Blu-ray player is built in and includes a FM radio. For better quality sound we suggest using an AV receiver where you buy all your speakers and components separately, this way you have more control over what speakers you can choose to tailor them to your room. This also allows greater functionality if you want to add more than one device to your system such as Apple TV, TiVo, hard drives and iPods.

How do I hide all the cables behind my TV?

As your home theater system grows so does the necessity for more cables. Unfortunately there will always be the need for cabling even with advancements in wireless technology however, there is the ability to hide most if not all of the visible cables you can see behind your TV. Wall mounting a TV on a wall with a cavity allows us to hide power cables, HDMI cables, Antenna cables, etc… When there is no cavity available we can use a cable tunnel or ducting that can be painted over to suit your décor. When placing speakers around the house in most cases there will be access through the ceiling in which the speaker cable can be run, mounting the speakers on the wall or in the ceiling where no cable can be seen.

When will analogue TV be switched off?

The analogue TV switch off has already begun around regional Australia, for capital cities such as Brisbane, the switch off date will be May 31st 2013. This means that if you do not have a digital ready television you will no longer be able to see FREE TO AIR television. The Australian government is offering assistance by providing a free set top box and/or digital antenna upgrades to people who are eligible. Go to the website for more information.

Can I get a Digital Set Top Box for free?

The Australian government has a team of qualified and endorsed antenna installers that are providing free digital set top boxes and/or digital antennas for households that may need assistance. Install Express is part of this team and may be visiting your residence in the near future. Go to for more information. If you are not eligible for government assistance we can still provide you with all the necessary equipment at the best possible price guaranteed. See our SERVICES page.

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