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Digital Signage Displays

Trying to replace the old paper displays in your restaurants or retail stores with updated Digital Signage displays? Feel comfortable to display your updated information or contents of your products with graphics, videos or animation pictures.

We at InstallExpress, help you to manage your content on the bright screen by providing the best and most updated Digital Signage displays with updated software. Contact us to draw the attention of viewers in Brisbane through this modern way of communication.

Purpose Of Digital Signage Displays

Retail Stores

The graphic displays and videos that promote new products and services on a large LCD or Plasma screen of digital signage can draw the attention of the viewers towards the products and services. You can dynamically control the contents with video displays and audio flash using content management tools and media players to increase the sales of your upcoming or launched products.

Hotels and Restaurants

Digital Signage displays with touch screen options guide the tourists and guests to get valuable information about attractive places and the services offered. The video displays can promote the advertising of various game spots, local attractions for tour groups, restaurants and other services like massages, dry-cleaning, etc. The names and price listing of various dishes with graphical images on a digital signage screen of the restaurants can help people to find their favorite dishes.

Educational Institutions

Digital Signage displayed in universities and schools help you to know more about the student activities, organizations, gym, individual achievements and other enrollment regarding charity drives. The upcoming events and academic programs can be displayed for alerting the students and staffs. Digital Signage displays inform and motivate students about various training classes and wayfinding. Digital Signage also helps in weather forecasting and passing any emergency news for the entire institution simultaneously.

Corporate and Government Sectors

Digital Signage helps for user-friendly interaction with the customers and promotes new brand products to the audience. Digital Signage informs the employees about their work strategies, meetings, contests, events, way-finding, etc. The work force can be motivated by getting recognized for individual achievements, displaying reward programs and profit-sharing schemes. You can also include Digital Signage displays with graphic images, welcome messages for new hire, birthday announcements, social and community activities.

Digital Signage helps the small corporates to better establish themselves to a large audience by relevant content management of your services. Digital Signage warns or alerts the public about emergency messages for any security threats, fire, etc. Digital Signage in Airports, Railway Platforms and other public places help the public to know about flights or train times to different destinations without wasting time  searching for the information desk.

Hospitals and Pharmacies

The videos and images displayed on Digital Signage helps the patients or visitors to know about the updated medical offerings, health screenings and clinical hours. The advertisement of pharmaceutical companies or other medical stores using Digital Signage can increase the potential of visitors. The information through videos regarding different medications, health-organizations and other activities can effectively improve the health benefits of audience.

Digital Signage guides the staffs or visitors to locate various rooms in the hospital. The pharmacies can display their new medicines and their  health benefits, so that it helps customers to buy the recommended medicine.

Contact us at 07 30414025 and spend $52 per week to install the Digital Signage display at your place.

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