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Types Of Digital Signage Displays

Outdoor Digital Signage Displays

Outdoor Digital Signage displays are used for the people to view from the main street, platforms, etc. We install the media players and LCD screen outside where the display screen is installed. The outdoor Digital Signage Display screen is enclosed in a waterproof case to protect the equipment from any water caused damage. Normally dynamic displays can be used where animated advertisements and short video clips are displayed.  Even simpler static displays can be used with a series of still images such as a slide show. Outdoor Digital Signage displays are normally used for product brand advertisements in business.

Indoor Digital Signage Displays

Indoor Digital Signage displays are normally used in restaurants, universities or schools, entrance halls or any other service centers. Static digital posters can be normally used which may require only a memory card and not network connection. Digital menu boards are normally used in restaurants with an LCD screen and media players. Interactive digital signage displays can also be installed where customers will be able to access an interactive mode with touch screen facilities.

Mobile Digital Signage Displays

Mobile Digital Signage displays are normally found in taxis, public vehicles or buses. The new brand product advertisement can be reached to audience in different location in a faster mode. Static Digital posters are normally used with slide show of image series in adequate time period with high clarity pictures. Mobile Digital Signage can have a USB camera and can display the current real time road conditions. S-Video input and video players can be incorporated to entertain the passengers while traveling.

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