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We Ensure While Installing Digital Signage Displays


A maximum crowded area where viewers can easily concentrate is the best place to install the Digital Signage displays. The display should be adjusted such that the viewers feel comfortable  viewing the contents on the digital signage display without any strain. If the Digital Signage display has to be installed outside the building, then the best visibility location from the main road or main street that may lead to the entrance of the building should be selected, so that the viewers do not get confused reaching their destination.  Exterior Digital Signage displays should be installed by considering the public restrictions from the commercial zoning office.

Monitor Size

Viewers should be comfortable viewing the contents when they are near or far from the monitor of the Digital Signage display. The monitor size should not be too small for the viewers to have to strain their eyes to view the content, and it should not be too big for the viewers to waste their time trying to read the contents from left to right. A suitable monitor size according to the maximum and minimum viewing distance should be selected. Digital Signage display monitors inside the building can be normally be a flat-panel 42-inch diagonal screen LCD.

Network Connection

The network connection from the main computer to the sub network computer should be stably maintained. The Digital Signage software is installed on the main computer. The contents to be displayed is organized in the main computer and is distributed to all its network computers. Even if the network connection fails for a while, the contents can be displayed without interruption by the stored memory. The Digital Signage Software such as Scala or Navori with updated versions are used in the computer system.

Content Creation

The updated software should be installed to the computer system and then the contents are sorted. The attractive video clips and images should be sorted by using the content manager. The video clips should be short and the slide show time period should not extend longer. The clips should be displayed for a time period of approximately 8 seconds where viewers can understand the displayed content and they don’t have to wait longer for the next content information.

Hardware Installation

The Digital Signage network should be connected with a distribution amplifier, video and audio converters, media players, VGA, HDMI or DVI. Proper connections should be maintained to these devices for stable display and audio. The common video converters used are ‘balun’ for best preserve video quality. We provide extension cables with proper shielding and length. The arrangement of the cables through the devices should be maintained in a proper manner, which may not lead to misconnection or other safety issues. In addition, we also provide various interactive computers with NAS media storage, high definition digital players and video players, specific fixtures, high and low voltage wiring, graphics and other installed software applications.

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