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Features And Benefits Of Digital Signage Displays

Content – Rich Display

Large amount of contents can be dynamically or simultaneously displayed in a relevant manner by sub-segment displays. We provide Digital Signage with a content management tool to manage or sort your contents that is to be displayed dynamically with graphics and motion pictures to grab the attention of the audience. The targeted contents can be displayed by using the video-visual effects and media players without boring the audience by them having to wait  for the relevant information.

2D & 3D Double-Sided Displays

The large LCD or Plasma screens of Digital Signage display are provided with 2D and 3D effects with high clarity and pixel effects. We provide Double-Sided Displays for the audience to view in a better and comfortable manner. The touch screen options of the display screen help the viewers to access the required relevant information for them.

Updated Software and Hardware

We provide Digital Signage displays with the best updated feature-rich software. Dynamic change of motion pictures with high clarity can be projected. The contents can be organized and playlists can be dynamically created using images, flash, videos and web-based interface.  Network connections can be monitored and even if the network connection slows down, the displaying can be continued via stored information. The display on the screen can be maintained in a stable and reliable manner without showing a blank screen and the information or contents can be updated without any interruptions.

The real-time weather information can also be inserted onto the display screen of Digital Signage. The Digital Signage provides audio/video converters to convert the audio and video signals from connected PC, media players, DVD, etc. The optimum resolution of video signals are scaled using scalers. The extenders help to overcome the signal degradation caused by distance and splitters connected from one source to different destinations.


You don’t have to replace paper boards each time to update the relevant contents. The installed Digital Signage updates and manage the contents to be displayed. Of course, paper boards are not as expensive as a Digital Signage display, but replacement of paper boards may increase the cost in the long term. The product attention can be improved to the viewers by the brand new approach of mass communication and interaction of the display boards. The maintenance and usage of Digital Signage is easy and comfortable. So long-term benefits of Digital Signage displays are too high compared to normal paper displays.

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