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Best Place for TV Wall Mounting

The room to wall mount your TV should be decided before buying the TV. But there can be confusion regarding the appropriate place for TV wall mounting. We shall help you with a few guidelines to wall mount the TV in the perfect location of your room. The location should satisfy the following conditions to have the best view of the wall mounted TV.


  1. The preferred location should not be opposite to any windows, so that the issue of light glare from the window during the daytime can be eliminated.
  2. Electrical outlets and a cable outlet should be found near or below the wall mounted TV. If the TV wall mounting is planned to be done above the fireplace, then the electrical outlet and cable outlet should be found on left or right side of the TV.
  3. Provision of a shelf or cupboard will be good near the wall mounted TV in order to have a  place to put the Blu-ray devices or cable boxes.

Suitable height to wall mounted TV

Height for the wall mounting of the TV from the floor should be set according to your eye level. The height from the floor to the center of the TV screen should be equal to the height from the floor to your eye level. It can be ignored for slight variations. So, while TV wall mounting is being carried out, adjust the base of the TV according to your eye level. This can be considered only if you are watching the wall mounted TV by sitting in a sofa or chair.

If the TV will be wall mounted in a bedroom where you watch the TV by lying down, then the TV height should be set higher than the normal seating. The viewing will be comfortable if the TV is wall mounted at a slightly slanting position from the top, so that you don’t have to lift your head for a clear view. The height for wall mounting a TV can be reduced or increased if the TV is of a larger size.

There won’t a major issue of height as the larger TVs are normally viewed at a longer distance away, almost similar to a theater. If the TV is to be placed near the fireplace, then the height should be increased for safety reasons. You can use a slanting mount for viewing the TV without any glare problems.

Distance of seating position from the TV

The distance of a seating position from the TV depends on the size of the wall mounted TV. For a large room, big screen TVs are preferred. The wall mounted TV should be viewed comfortably without moving your head left to right or up and down, and also the clarity of the picture seen should be perfect. So mathematically calculated a seating position can help you to view the wall mounted TV screen in a perfect manner.

The size of the TV is mentioned in inches so if it if divided by 0.625, it will give you the distance to be seated from the wall mounted TV. For example, if the size of the TV is 68 inches, on dividing 68 by 0.625 we get 108.8, which means you can sit and watch the wall mounted TV from a distance of 108 inches, which is equal to 9 feet. It doesn’t matter much, if it varies with 1 or 2 feet.

In a similar manner you can calculate the appropriate seating position with respect to the size of the TV. For a large room, the recommended size for the wall mounted TV is above 60 inches, which may increase the elegance of the room and the environment. You may experience a theater feel in your own living room which may gradually improve the quality of viewing the TV.

TV wall mounting outside the home will be more expensive and risky, because it may cost you a lot to hide the wires and maintain the wall mounted TV afterwards.

You may contact us at 07 30414025 for TV wall mounting in Brisbane or other neighborhoods in the perfect place in your home where you can enjoy watching your wall mounted TV to the fullest with high clarity and quality.

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