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Digital Signage in Brisbane – What Should I Know

As you may be aware, digital signage displays are the electronic displays which are present in public spaces to advertise and attract customers. Digital Signage is becoming increasingly famous every day due to the ROI and impact it has. In places like Brisbane, it has definitely proved to be effective. Digital signage is also used to display welcome messages, announcements, etc. If you are a business owner looking to place some digital signage in Brisbane and the surrounding areas, here are a few things you should be aware of.

How much will my digital signage cost?

Digital signage in Brisbane is becoming cheaper and more affordable every year. Based on the size of the digital signage you need, the type of content to display, the technology to be used, etc. the price varies widely. Please get in touch with us and we can give you the best deal. We provide professional digital signage installation and service in and around Brisbane. Our servicemen are experts and can definitely provide the best suggestions and solution.

What can my digital signage display?

Of course you will know what you are going to display on your digital signage. Still, it is always good to check if your digital signage can handle:

  • Text content
  • Graphical content
  • Power point presentations
  • Webpages

How easy is it to manage my digital signage display?

InstallExpress provides you training and you can easily manage the messages to be displayed on your signage, the frequency of the messages, etc. This makes your job much easier and you will not have to call us or find other means when you need to put up a new message. Please find details about digital signage installation in Brisbane here.

Why choose Installexpress for my digital signage installation?

We are one among the most professional digital signage installation experts in Brisbane. We provide the best value for the money you spend. Contact us or call us at 07 30414025 to get in touch with us regarding your Digital Signage Display Installation.


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